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                2016-05-21 16:10:40

                昨天上午,隨著波蘭駐華大使館貿易和投資促進處官員Artur Siejka 謝唐永先生興高采烈的聲音:我榮幸地宣布,中國·北京第十屆佰匯國際琥珀文化節開幕——拉開了第十屆佰匯國際琥珀文化節的帷幕,迫不及待的人們如蜂擁一般,熙熙攘攘涌進了十里河佰匯古玩珠寶城(B座)三樓的展廳。

                Yesterday morning, with the polish embassy official with the trade and investment promotion Artur Siejka xie Tang Yongxian born cheerful voice: I'm pleased to announce that the 10th China Beijing hundred hui culture festival opening - up to the tenth international amber hundred hui international amber festival curtain, as bees do eager people, bustling pours into the li river hundred antique jewelry city (B) of the exhibition hall on the third floor.


                From more than 50 along the Baltic amber operators, into the ground reception of the wave and wave) to buyers. Warm scene, took the amber, jubilant, full of beautiful things in eyes of amber beeswax and amber products, but also make the visitors view \"big rob\". The opening ceremony on the first day, there is thrilling, it is expected to the organizers and exhibitors from all over the world.


                One of horrifying: a great fortunes amber lamp big popular. Reporter followed an endless stream of people into the hall, on a booth in the corner of the hall, with various charming amber desk lamp. At first glance appears to be no surprise. Desk lamp is commonplace things, why to promote the site in the amber? As journalists puzzled, an elegant lady walked to come over, up and down or so notice, affection is revealed in dignified and beautiful face. A soft click, from Poland teng fish group staff timely open the switch, wow! Breathtaking singular phenomenon appeared, I saw on the lampshades, colorful amber flashing intoxicating light spot, the mystery of the amber town house to ward off bad luck to turn the take in everything in a glance. Reporter stopped short 10 minutes, there are 4 sets of valuable amber desk lamp is "go".


                Horrifying # 2: the world amber seductive design master. In to the master of the world's top amber design of Poland before maria booth, together with a lot of transformation, everyone around the booth, the look of that \"greed\", the corners of the mouth hung \"fairy salivary\", took journalists scramble to much in the heart very sigh. Dr Maria had won four world amber jewelry design contest, glory makes her works with the seductive aura, her works release puffs of heaven and earth reiki, add humor amiable charming smile, makes many buyers to visit could not help but stop here.


                Horrifying # 3: international pearl expert glamour 4 shoot. At the scene, the international pearl expert to watch Mr Angie is interesting spirits of people explain the amber knowledge. Mr Angie is an old friend of Chinese people, in the face of all the inquiries, master of the international amber association, vice chairman of amber, laughing, witty, and make everyone QinFu, are a thumbs-up said to Mr Anji, hala, less o 'hara. Mr Anji shrugged their shoulders to make a very funny expression: uh huh, less Chinese friends o 'hara...


                Four of the horrifying: exquisitely carved wax tea wine looks delicious. A glittering and translucent get rid of the \"eight pieces of tea wine\" attracted a lot of attention, small and exquisite, exquisite exquisite craft, provoked numerous people fondle admiringly. Amber beeswax itself is Chinese traditional medicine, imagine when inject in glycol wine fragrant teas, import, absorption becomes zi and strong body and ambrosia, often use you will become a best medicine don't eat all ills make gods; Dense gas handless small side, curling up like willo beautiful fairy YaoTai dance in front of your eyes, squinting, gently sip, your eyes will see mount zhongnan longevity master riding a established, walked over to you before... Don't know whether you get decree by destiny


                Five of the horrifying: many media limits are focused. At the opening ceremony, from CCTV, Hong Kong TV, phoenix TV, Beijing TV news media and so on more than 60, spread out the cause, go grab all the limelight detonation audience eyeball absorption. The reporter understands in the conversation with numerous media friends, they are great "heavily" is not only is the result of cultural festival of Chinese and western cultural exchange and amber basic propaganda, but also from for amber as the "crown of qibao Buddhism" and "the first of five medicines" elements. Buddhism, has always is a classic, we Chinese st teach culture worship ritual worship of the believers, what are you waiting for?

                驚爆之六:天天抽大獎,天天有驚喜。20號到29號,天天抽獎更如一道道閃電,刺激著天南地北前來觀展購買的人們的小心臟,一天發放520個現金紅包等著你揣回家,50輛高檔自行車等著你來騎回家,20塊琥珀原石等著你抱回家,每天一部IPHONE PLYS.....等著你來搶回家送給你心愛的人......眼熱心動的獎品獎金,讓你拿的手兒軟軟!!






                Six of the horrifying: lottery every day, every day there are surprises. 20 to 29, draw more consistent way way lightning every day, to stimulate the people of the far to come to the exhibition to buy the little heart, a day to issue 520 cash bonus, waiting for you to go home, wait for you to 50 high-end bicycle to ride home, 20 pieces of amber rough stone, waiting for you to go home, every day an IPHONE PLYS... Waiting for you to take home to your loved ones... Retailing of award bonuses, let you take hand soft!!!!

                Baltic amber is coming!

                The Baltic romantic!!!!

                The mystery of the Baltic sea is coming!!!!!!

                The blessing of the Baltic sea shipped!!!!!!!!!!

                Good luck, good luck, in the tenth international amber culture festival!

                (陳修遠 孫佩妘 攝影報道)